CRIFBÜRGEL is one of the leading German providers of credit information concerning businesses and private individuals and also provides solutions in credit risk management as well as fraud prevention.

The company has exceptional industry expertise in particular in the banking / financial services, e-commerce, payment services and telecommunications in particular.

CRIFBÜRGEL also has years of experience in actively researching business information throughout Germany as well as operating the cross-industry payment experience pool DDMonitor (Deutscher Debitoren Monitor).

In addition CRIFBÜRGEL offers customized data and marketing solutions for address management.

CRIFBÜRGEL was formed from the merger of the two prestigious credit agencies Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH and CRIF GmbH. The expertise and strengths of over 130 years of experience on the part of Bürgel and the technological and analytical expertise of CRIF Germany were pooled together under a single roof in the form of CRIF Bürgel GmbH.

CRIFBÜRGEL is part of the global credit reference agency group CRIF, based in Bologna, Italy. CRIF was founded in 1988. The group currently has around 5,000 staff professionals and 70+ subsidiaries in 30+ countries across four continents. CRIF is a leading provider of credit information for banks and the financial sector in continental Europe and is one of the leading international companies in integrated services and solutions for business information and credit management. The company is ranked in the prestigious IDC FinTech 100, a ranking of the leading global technology solution providers for the financial services industry. 6,300 banks and financial institutions and 55,000 business customers across 50 countries currently use solutions from CRIF every day.

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From 1885 until today.

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