CRIFBÜRGEL is a member of various German and international associations.

Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS)

ACCIS aims to bring together and represent the interests of its members - the consumer credit reference agencies in Europe - on matters of common interest. It was established in Dublin in October 1990 and it is since November 2006 a registered International non-profit association under Belgian law. Its headquarters are located in Brussels 1050, Avenue Louise 106.

The key functions of the Association are:

  • to represent, promote, protect and preserve the common interests of its members, and in particular with regard to international matters and questions arising in connection with the European Community.
  • to attend to all matters which relate directly or indirectly to the interests of its members, to include in particular the representation and advocacy of member interests vis-a-vis government agencies, the public and all other third parties.
  • to inform the members about matters of concern to them, including information about practices of other members.
  • to represent its members at the global level through work with the World Bank, the IFC and other bodies.

Federation of Business Information Service (FEBIS)

Benefiting from the opening of markets within Europe and overseas, world-wide business has experienced substantial growth. As business grows so does the demand for business information, in particular, intelligence for cross-border business activities.

In 1973, leading European credit information agencies joined forces to form the Federation of Business Information Services FEBIS (initially known as FECRO), with its registered office in Frankfurt. Today, FEBIS has developed into a sizable organisation comprising more than 60 full Members from all over the world involved in providing Business Information and Debt Collection services of National and International importance.

Supported by a combined workforce of more than 20,000 staff, FEBIS Members generate over 180 million Business Information and Consumer reports annually for over 500,000 organisations, providing these clients with invaluable business support. Aggregate sales turnover of FEBIS Members is in excess of €2.5 Billion.

As the industry association, FEBIS strives to look after common interests of its members. While monitoring new legislation like data protection laws and insolvency laws, FEBIS also oversees and the application of public sources and information.

MRC Merchant Risk Council

With the vision of making commerce safe and profitable everywhere, the Merchant Risk Council is the leading global trade association for eCommerce fraud and payments professionals.


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