Collection Companies

Collection ONE products are tailored for collections and provide support from the time the file is set up in your system right through to legal proceedings and long-term monitoring. Use all of the data relevant to the collections process. This allows you to further reduce effort and costs with an increasing success rate. The Collection ONE interface provides a single interface for all products.

Our method:
Your own collection information is taken into account for each file. In addition, our own information data is included. This results in a much more highly refined set of data and helps identify debtors with multiple accounts in default. We also provide you with further information such as telephone numbers and negative criteria.

The result:
A targeted score that allows you to make the right decision with regard to further processing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Collection Companies

Collection ONE First

Collection ONE First predicts the chances of successful collections as soon as the file is set up, even before the first collection measure.

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Collection Companies

Collection ONE Court

CRIFBÜRGEL Court Check automatically and securely makes a decision as to which claims would justify filing a claim in court.

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Collection Companies

Collection ONE Execution

Only those cases are selected which are likely to collected and which would be worthwhile turning over to the bailiff.

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Collection Companies

Collection ONE Revival

Rule-based long-term monitoring.

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