Deltavista GmbH renamed CRIF GmbH

After the globally active credit reporting agency CRIF acquired all shares in Deltavista GmbH in Germany in July, Deltavista GmbH changed its name to CRIF GmbH. 

Due to the rebranding, an important milestone in the integration into the CRIF group was achieved. That offers German customers a full range of services and products relating to risk control, creditworthiness, fraud prevention and address management through companies Bürgel GmbH and CRIF GmbH. 

CRIF group is the leading provider in continental Europe of banking credit information, one of the key players worldwide providing integrated services and solutions for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management, and is included in the prestigious FinTech 100, a ranking of the leading global technology solution providers to the financial services industry. Nowadays, 26 country-based operations, 57 subsidiary companies and 3,600 staff professionals serve CRIF customers’ needs globally.

With the purchase of CRIF GmbH (formely Deltavista) the CRIF group expands her portfolio by ground-breaking solutions of the technological leader in the area of risk control, fraud-prevention, and address management.   Thanks to its own advanced platform, CRIF Germany offers tailor-made high-end solutions that can be integrated smoothly into existing customer processes. With the help of consultants, exceptional analytical competence and profound understanding of customer processes more than 1.000 customers are enabled to expand their existing areas of business and also open up new ones. The central focus of CRIF Germany is on data and technology. That enables the simultaneous integration of a large number of national and international sources of information relating to individuals and businesses into the decision-making processes of customers and continually maximizes the degree of automation of customer processes.

By adding behavioral data and device information, for example, to the data on which decisions are based, as well as by using innovative technologies such as "machine learning" and digital identification methods, CRIF is able to offer a wide variety of effective risk and anti-fraud solutions.

The continual, innovative refinement of the company's products and solutions as well as the highly flexible system architecture guarantee customers to react to changing market requirements easily, quickly and continuously. With over 130 years of experience Bürgel is a leading provider in the field of risk management and offers an integrated range of German and international company and consumer information products. Based on 45 field locations Bürgel supports over 28,000 clients – from local business enterprises to international corporations – in the field of credit, address and accounts receivable management.

Due to its active in-house data research and access to extensive non-public data sources Bürgel owns a unique information base. Bürgel’s “Deutscher Debitoren Monitor” is one of the largest national cross-sector solvency early-warning systems for companies. The “Fraud Prevention Pool” utilized by the telecommunications industry as well as the “Deutsches Schutz Portal” for the credit services sector are more trade-specific solutions for the recognition and avoidance of application fraud. Via the new online platform SkyMinder Bürgel enables access to a global network of company information comprising more than 200 million companies in over 230 countries.

"We are looking forward to the collaboration with CRIF Germany. The future cooperation will enable us to put further innovative value-added services and products for our customers to the market", says Klaus-Jürgen Baum, Managing Director of Bürgel.

“As the new Managing Director of CRIF Germany, I am leading the integration process of formerly Deltavista into the global CRIF brand with my many years of experience in credit agency business. With the combination of a market-leading service platform, excellence data and customized solutions I am sure that I will continue to drive the success of CRIF Deutschland. I look forward to working with a well-rehearsed and highly motivated team of experts”, says Dr. Emanuel Zollikofer.

By combining CRIF’s information systems and software solutions with Bürgel and CRIF Germany‘s data and risk management support systems, we will be able to help our German clients take informed decisions and operate competitively in an increasingly demanding market in terms of advanced solutions and technological flexibility” - says Carlo Gherardi, President and CEO of CRIF Group.

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