Back in Business - Managing the crisis together with CRIFBÜRGEL New online portal ensures financial transparency in the crisis

Although it is unclear how long the corona pandemic will keep the world and the economy on tenterhooks, the central question for companies is how to proceed. The German economy must succeed in getting businesses up and running again, securing jobs and at the same time protecting the health of employees.

The German government's rescue packages for companies are aimed at preventing a historic level of insolvencies and allowing the German economy to return to a sustainable growth path as quickly as possible. Companies must regain confidence and trust in order to remain competitive in the future.

The difficulty at present, however, is which companies, business partners and suppliers can still be trusted and which cannot.
Well-founded information about business partners or suppliers is even more important in times of crisis than in good economic times. With this in mind, CRIFBÜRGEL has developed Back in Business (, an online portal that enables companies in Germany to let the market know that they are back in business. Companies that rebuild and strengthen their business relationships with customers, suppliers, dealers and importers are thus supported in showing financial transparency.

Via the online portal it is now possible for companies to answer a short questionnaire free of charge and in a few minutes to update and supplement company data. With the help of the online questionnaire, companies can give a self-assessment and thus present themselves as a reliable partner to customers, suppliers and business partners in times of uncertainty. After completion of the questionnaire and a quality assurance by the data analysts of CRIFBÜRGEL, the Back in Business Report is attached as a separate PDF to the CRIFBÜRGEL credit rating information of the companies. Companies thus provide business partners with the most up-to-date picture of their performance. Important: The reported data are not integrated into the credit rating report of the companies, but serve as an additional source of information that CRIFBÜRGEL customers can use for decision making.

Companies benefit from the Back in Business initiative on several levels. First of all, the portal offers them a simple and free opportunity to provide their business partners and suppliers with an up-to-date picture of their economic performance and thus to document their activities with regard to future-oriented entrepreneurship. Especially in economically uncertain times, trustworthy information is crucial. As part of the Back in Business network, companies also benefit from exclusive access to webinars and services.

The quality of information, constant innovation and proximity to the customer even in these difficult and uncertain times are the focus of CRIFBÜRGEL. With the Back in Business Reports CRIFBÜRGEL customers receive the latest information on the market with immediate effect.


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