Company Full Report

Extensive information including solvency rating and balance sheet grade.

The Company Full Report including the Solvency Rating, the balance sheet grade and an integrated balance sheet analysis extensively contains all economically relevant factors that are necessary for all types of credit decisions.

Clearly and systematically structured, Company Full Report offers an extensive overview of the solvency, the financial situation, the company structure and the history of the business partners. The Company Full Report additionally contains balance sheet analytical components:

  • Exclusive calculation and display of the balance sheet grade which combines all crucial aspects of a balance sheet to a single ratio for better decision-making,
  • calculation of the balance sheet ratios: equity ratio, return on total capital and a liquidity ratio,
  • a tabular and graphic display of the development of all balance sheet ratios over time (for up to four years) and
  • a comprehensive presentation of balance sheets and financial figures, including the profit and loss account in a two-year comparison.

The most important facts and ratios are summarized on the first page of the Full Report:

  • Credit recommendation
  • Solvency Index
  • Probability of default of the company in question
  • Average risk of default of the business sector


Your advantage

  • Make well-founded decisions on the basis of up-to-date and extensive detailed information
  • Balance sheet grade contained within the Company Full Report
  • Reliable assessment of the risk of default with the Solvency Index
  • Information on the probability of default of the company and on the average risk of default of the business sector(s)
  • Extensive presentation of negative criteria on companies and function owners/stockholders
  • Payment experience information from different economic sectors
  • Balance sheets in a two-year comparison including an indication of all changes as well as the profit and loss account
  • Development of the balance sheet ratios and a balance sheet grade over a period of up to four years
  • Optional monitoring informs 12 months about changes in business partners
  • Optional monitoring plus provides detailed and permanent information on all changes to your business partners
  • Optional research to check and update information elements



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