Credit Report

Credit Report offered by CRIFBÜRGEL is a compact type of report which provides solvency information for the assessment of the economical situation of your business partners in a concise and structured manner. Credit Report contains personal research data.
In comparison with the more detailed product Full Report, Credit Report focuses on fundamental data and facts on the company for the assessment of credit decisions in medium-risk to high-risk business.

Your advantage

  • Important solvency information at a glance as a reliable basis for commercial decisions
  • Reliable assessment of the probability of default with the Solvency Rating
  • Compact presentation of balance sheets
  • Exclusive debt collection data of the CRIFBÜRGEL Group
  • Detailed information in case of negative criteria
  • Optional monitoring informs 12 months about changes in business partners
  • Optional monitoring plus provides detailed and permanent information on all changes to your business partners
  • Optional research to check and update information elements



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