ConCheck and ConCheck + Ident

With the products ConCheck and ConCheck + Ident you receive an assessment of the payment default risk of private individuals.

ConCheck links various information and data sources and supports delivery and credit decisions in real time. You receive a decision-making aid to determine payment and delivery modalities. Red, yellow or green - the ConCheck traffic light and the score value give you information about the risk of non-payment by private individuals.

CRIFBÜRGEL provides information on hard, medium and/or soft negative characteristics of the requested person. By default, CRIFBÜRGEL also checks the address data using the CRIFBÜRGEL database. We compare the entered address, correct and supplement it if necessary. The product ConCheck + Ident. offers an additional address check on the basis of external data. Detailed information on existing negative characteristics, the data of the competent court as well as the file number can be obtained for both ConCheck products.

In addition to information on private individuals in Germany, we also offer information on private individuals in Austria (ConCheck AT) and Switzerland (ConCheck CH). As with ConCheck, you will also receive an address validation and identification check for addresses from these countries based on the address lists of the CRIF national companies as well as information on currently available negative characteristics.

Credit checks of consumers in practice

Within the scope of a creditworthiness query on a person, the personal data stored at CRIFBÜRGEL, negative information and, if applicable, existing connections to companies are first determined. If CRIFBÜRGEL has no known characteristics, CRIFBÜRGEL provides a statistically based credit assessment using mathematical-statistical methods. Each person receives a score between 1.0 (very good creditworthiness) and 6.0 (very poor creditworthiness). The score value for a private individual is calculated at the moment of the request. It predicts the risk of non-payment within the next 12 months. The value provides information about the probability that a private individual will default with your payment obligations. The ConCheck creditworthiness score thus serves as an independent decision-making aid for assessing the risk content of a business relationship.

Your advantage

  • Effective early warning indicator of consumer payment behaviour
  • Detailed information on existing negative characteristics, competent courts, file number
  • Integrated address validation and address verification for private individuals
  • Extended identification (ConCheck + Ident)
  • Credit assessment of private individuals in Austria (ConCheck AT)
  • Credit assessment of private individuals in Switzerland (ConCheck CH)
  • Integrated score for the precise assessment of payment default risks



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