Credit Check Consumer

Which buyers can you allow to order on account without any reservations? How do you identify your new customers? And how do you recognise misuse of addresses? The CRIFBÜRGEL CreditCheck helps answer these questions and enables high identification rates through up-to-date information and reliable risk assessments.

Fast and reliable risk assessments
CRIFBÜRGEL Credit Check provides a secure basis for taking decisions based on identification and credit checks. The result is composed of a lot of partial information, i.e. detailed information provided by our credit reports.

For all industries, in many countries
Whether they operate in e-commerce, multi-channel retail, power supply, telecommunications, insurance, or banking: CRIFBÜRGEL enjoys the trust of well-known companies in all sectors. With our risk management platform, we have interfaces with leading credit bureaus in many European countries. The CRIFBÜRGEL database is so comprehensive that our address data and the associated credit information provide high identification and a secure basis for making decisions on accepting and controlling the number of orders and contracts.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Large address database incl. Negative criteria
  • Continuous updating with new collection measures and data and from debtor registers
  • High identification rate
  • Simple and fast process integration
  • Individual adaptability to your requirements
  • High flexibility


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