NegativeCheck and NegativeCheck Hard

If you are satisfied with the information as to whether CRIFBÜRGEL has negative characteristics for a person, the NegativeCheck or the NegativeCheck Hard are the right credit checks for you. The NegativeCheck Hard contains only the display of the following negative features for domestic private individuals:

  •  Failure to provide asset information
  •  Satisfaction of creditors excluded and creditor satisfaction not proven (according to ZPO and AO)
  •  Private bankruptcies
  •  Completed and/or current debt collection monitoring procedures (legally enforceable claims)

The NegativeCheck product variant also takes current collection information (soft and medium negative features) into account.

Your advantage

  •  Integrated address verification
  •  Information on negative characteristics and insolvency proceedings of private individuals
  •  Collection data of the CRIFBÜRGEL Group


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