Fraud prevention with the DSPortal

With the newly developed innovative DSPortal (Deutsches Schutz Portal), CRIFBÜRGEL offers a system that serves to prevent application fraud at banks, leasing and financial service providers.

The goal of the DSPortal is the best possible protection against external fraud and thus the noticeable reduction of losses. At the same time, CRIFBÜRGEL offers effective protection to persons who have been victims of identity theft while complying with data protection regulations. Do you have any questions about the DSPortal or would you like a consultation?

Advantages at a glance:

The DSPortal covers a broad control spectrum for the detection of anomalies.

The entire application process is monitored until disbursement - the same applies to revolving loans.

Latest technologies:
CRIFBÜRGEL uses state-of-the-art matching algorithms.

The DSPortal as an all-in-one solution for fraud prevention - a web application for short-term auditing and a web service for process integration.


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