CREDITY – Next Level Credit Management by CRIF


What is CREDITY?

CREDITY is a new and highly configurable B2B credit management solution. It is designed for the upper medium-sized and large companies to manage the risks and opportunities of national and international business customers on a daily basis. CREDITY is provided as a cloud web tool (SaaS) in one of the most modern and secure data centers in Europe and is optimized for use on PCs and various mobile devices. SkyMinder, CRIF's online service for accessing international company information from more than 200 million companies in over 230 countries and regions worldwide, is already integrated into CREDITY. CREDITY sets a new industry standard in line with the best practice recommendations of the international finance and credit associations for credit management. With its new and innovative functionalities, CREDITY marks the next level of credit management solutions.

Our CREDITY offer for you:

Start the CREDITY onboarding process and manage your business portfolio with an exceptional web tool.

  • Best practices for credit management according to an international standard (MaCM, ...)
  • Modular service approach - you choose which CREDITY modules you want to use
  • Shortest time to go live - CREDITY is configured for your special requirements within a very short time
  • We deliver integrated business information - Instant access to business reports from over 200 million companies in 230 countries/regions (SkyMinder) and access to international credit bureaus and payment experience pools.
  • No local IT installation and no costly project required - Available immediately (SaaS, operated in a Tier 4 CRIF data center)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of business customers to control credit limits and terms of payment
  • Transparency and control of your business customer portfolio
  • Integrated scoring/rating (information scores, rules, statistical scorecards, predictive analytics)
  • Fully integrated interactive reporting/BI (Microsoft PowerBI)
  • Support of mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet)

CREDITY Features

Application processing:
Enter a new customer or supplier in their specific request forms. This information can then be used to manually or automatically trigger the request process.

Data Integration:
Use all available customer master data and receipts of customers or suppliers from your internal systems. All internal and external customer IDs are managed in one place. Pass on all necessary information to other systems.

Access to external data:
Access to international company information from more than 200 million companies in over 230 countries/regions worldwide via SkyMinder. In addition, there is the option to extend connectivity to your preferred data providers.

Integrated TCI Processing:
Integration of business processes of trade credit insurances (WKV) and support of registrations.

Fraud Prevention & Compliance:
Meet external or internal compliance guidelines and detect fraudulent behavior in your portfolio.

Credit Assessment & Monitoring Debt Collection:
Perform a portfolio valuation using your own rules and scoring and assign these valuations according to your credit policy. Manage your buyer portfolio metrics with real-time monitoring. Use integrated business processes to help you ensure that your customers pay overdue receivables.

Supplier Risk Assessment & Monitoring
Manage your supplier portfolio metrics with real-time monitoring.
Define your own valuation rules and valuation classes.

Flexible Reporting / Business Intelligence
Create interactive ad hoc reports based on current CREDITY data using the fully integrated Microsoft Power BI functionality. Access reports anywhere, anytime.

Predictive Analytics
Learn from the past and anticipate the future development of your customers and suppliers within the entire portfolio. Recognize potentials for your business growth.

Sales Support
Support sales with relevant information for the business development of existing customers and prospects. Provide customer potential to increase sales.


Further information can be found directly on the CREDITY homepage.
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