Risk Check Optimizer (RCO)

Can individual factors be taken into account in the credit assessment? Can you assign specific risk classes to each order? The CRIFBÜRGEL Risk Check Optimizer (RCO) enables you to create a risk strategy that takes individual factors into account and bundles all available data.

Individual risk strategy

The CRIFBÜRGEL Risk Check Optimizer processes the credit assessment according to a previously defined risk strategy and takes into account factors such as order value, product groups, identification and the expected loss of receivables. In advance, it is determined which and how many credit bureaus are requested in the respective risk class.

Individual order processing

Each order is assigned to a specific risk class. CRIFBÜRGEL Risk Check Optimizer bundles all data suppliers and credit agencies available on the market via individual interfaces.

Your advantage

Reduction of the default risk
Increase in acceptance rate
Targeted data acquisition
High selectivity due to early consideration of all data
Flexible configuration
Available for all industries and for many countries



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